Wednesday, 16 May 2012

What a lot of people!

Well, I didn't think that it was a particularly common name, but apparently it is. I have been trying to sort out a word to denote people with the same name.  Lots of threads on the internet discussing this, and foreign languages seem to have more specific words than English does.  Somehow 'alter ego' and 'namesake' don't seem quite right, having connotations (in my mind at least) of other sorts of connectedness rather than merely the name.  However, lots of interesting people out there - academics, artists, dancers, singers, reflexologists, teachers, authors, doctors, business people etc.  My brand doesn't show up particularly well on Google, probably because I don't use my Facebook account very much and haven't yet signed up to Twitter.  I expect that will all change as we go through the Things.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Templates and things

I've been trying out all sorts of templates, layouts and fonts, and finally of course came back to the 'bookshelves' template.  It seems as reader friendly as any, and not so much white space all around.

I'm now following a colleague's blog via email, which I still prefer to RSS feeds.  However, I shall wait to be convinced by the RSS 'thing' coming up soon.  RSS is the only option sometimes for keeping up to date with information sources, but for me, good old email still comes up trumps with user-friendliness. 

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Starting out

I really must get to grips with blogging - that's one of the things that I really want to get up to speed with.  It's great to have someone to guide you through the process.  I hope some other bloggers will be interested in current awareness in health care libraries, which is my main responsibility, and I'd like to explore how I could use a blog to extend the coverage of our current awareness service.